Kids Health – website with medical information in simple terminology for kids. This is a great model for us as we adjust our language for patients for whom English is a second language.

Deaf medical resident just wants to ‘make a difference – 

Health Literacy Definitions, Evidence and Interventions

Creating health materials for patients with limited English language skills

AHRQ Health Literacy Toolkit –

CDC Simply Put –

Harvard School of Public Health/Health Literacy/Creating Materials –

Harvard Glossary of Plain Words –

Health Literacy and Comics –

Iggy and the Inhalers

NIH Presenting your Information –

NIH Plain Language – Getting Started or Brushing Up –

NIH Plain Language Checklist –

Plain Writing  Act of 2010 –

Webaim writing techniques –

Making Text Legible –

NIH Clear Communication/Clear and Simple –

NIH Formatting and Visual Clarity –

Simple graphics for health literacy materials

Disability Access Symbols –

Guidelines for Tactile Graphics –

Health Graphics Symbols – free artwork –

Public Health Image Library –

Need More Info?

Low vision resources