What is Immunity?

Immunity is antibodies (cell destroyers) that protects your body from bad cells that can make you sick. Examples of bad cells are germs, viruses, and bacteria. These bad cells will cause fevers, cough, cold, and flu. When you get sick, cell destroyers come and destroy bad cells.

The Immune System

Everybody has an inbuilt immune system which protects it from germs. This system has a lot of different parts which work together to keep out any harmful germs, and attack and destroy any which manage to get inside your body.

How Immunity helps you?

The bad cells enter body.
The body makes cell destroyers (antibodies) to help destroy the bad cells and prevent them from harming you.
Cell destroyers stay in your body, and if the same bad cell ever tries to come back, they will stop you from getting sick.

Vaccines to the Rescue!!

Dead or weakened bad cells (vaccines) are injected into body.
Body starts to produce antibodies (cell destroyers).
Body forms an immunity from that type of illness.

What are different type of vaccines?

Long term- Vaccines that you only get once or every once in a while.
Short term- Vaccine that you get every year.

Reasons to get Vaccines
  • Helps to keep people healthy
  • Protects people from serious illness
  • Help to lower the number of sicknesses from certain serious bad cells a year
  • Protects others you care about, including family members, friends, and grandparents.

Immunity → Cell destroyers that are automatically released to kill the bad cells, made from getting sick from a specific disease or a vaccine.
Cell→ very small living organism that makes up everything living
Antibodies → Destroys bad cells, cell destroyers
Vaccines → a form of dead or weekend bad cells.
Illness → bad cells interrupt the normal activity of the body.