Dementia is:
  • Damage to your brain cells.
  • The picture on the left shows a healthy brain. The brain on the right has dementia. It is smaller.
  • The picture at the bottom compares the size of a healthy brain to a brain with dementia.

  • A decline in mental activity.
  • Also known as Alzheimer’s.
  • Happens in adults 65 and older.
People with Dementia:
  • Cannot think clearly
  • Have trouble remembering simple things
  • Get lost
  • Forget names
  • Forget to pay bills
  • Have language issues
  • Have poor judgment

Drawing of brain as pieces of a puzzle

Warning Signs:
  • Difficulty planning or solving problems.
  • Problem doing familiar activities.
  • Unable to recognize familiar pictures.
  • Problems speaking or writing.
  • Losing things.
  • Bad judgment
  • Avoiding work or social events.
  • Changes in mood

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